About Me

“I’m based in the East Side Of London, my movement Hood G was founded on those very streets. In 09, frustrated that my values and culture was not being represented in mainstream UK music i put together Hood g. You can get up on the movement here (www.hoodgmusicgroup.com). I’m about culture & Art, thats why rap is a valuable form of expression to me. It allows me to artistically express my culture & the world that i come from in a rhythmic form. I like to think of my music as Art imitating life and i don’t create anything that is not real or true to me. Obviously as an artist i have a creative license to paint a varied picture but often i like to talk about the Prestige of Life, the struggles of Life & the overcoming nature of Africans in British Society (A.B.S). My faith means a lot to me it helps me overcome adversities life throws my way, I believe in Christ. So often you might find my music shift from a very street perspective to a more spiritual Tone. Im not religious, i just believe. I would like to think diamond crown is a comprehensive expression of who i am as a man & an artist. Authenticity & integrity is important in my art.”