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Party On The East Side

taken from the majestically titled album

"Diamond Crown"



Creator of Prestige Street RAP, Based on the East Side Of London, my movement was founded on those very streets. In 09, frustrated that my culture & values where not being represented in mainstream UK music i put together Hood g to fill the void. You can get up on the movement here Hood G . I’m about culture, creativity & Art, thats why rap is a valuable form of expression to me. It allows me to artistically express my culture & bring to life the world that i come from in a rhythmic form. I like to think of my music as life because i don’t create anything that is not real or true to me. Obviously as an artist i use my creative license to paint a varied picture but often i like to talk about the Prestige of Life, the struggles of Life & the overcoming nature of Africans in British Society (A.B.S). My faith means a lot to me it helps me overcome adversities life throws my way, I believe in Christ. So often you might find my music shift from a very street perspective to a more spiritual Tone. Im not religious, i just believe. I would like to think diamond crown is a comprehensive expression of who i am as a man & an artist. Authenticity & integrity is important in my art.”